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Chromosomal analyses of 4,500 cases of the peripheral blood : An experience in a single hospital for 25 years
Hye-Eun Seo, Ji Hye Lee, Ji Yoon Kim, Dong Ha Lee, Heung Kyo Lee, Kun Soo Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2007;50(9):875-881.   Published online September 15, 2007
Purpose : Chromosome analysis is important in genetic study and genetic counseling. This study was performed to evaluate the type and incidence of chromosome abnormalities in a single hospital for 25 years. Methods : Chromosome analyses were performed on peripheral blood lymphocytes, obtained from 4,856 patients with suspected chromosomal aberrations, referred to cytogenetic laboratory in Department of Pediatrics, Kyungpook National...
A Cytogenetic Study in Patients with Sex Chromosome Abnormalities
Hyun Ji Seo, Ji Hye Lee, Heung Kyo Lee, Seung Hee Jung, Kun Soo Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1317-1323.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : This study was performed to evaluate the recent frequency of karyotypes in different sex chromosome abnormalities and to evaluate the age and clinical manifestations at diagnosis. Methods : Peripheral blood leukocytes were obtained from subjects who were clinically suspected to have sex chromosome abnormalities and referred to the cytogenetic laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics, Kyungpook National University Hospital...
A Study on the Effects of Early Surfactant Replacement and Gentle Ventilation in the Treatment of Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Yong Suk Lee, Ji Hye Lee, Sang Geel Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2005;48(10):1096-1101.   Published online October 15, 2005
Purpose : Recently, early surfactant replacement and tidal volume based gentle ventilation has been a fundamental treatment of respiratory distress syndrome(RDS). The aims of this study were to survey the changes in ventilator care duration and rate of complication in RDS groups. Methods : We performed a retrospective study of 255 newborn infants less than 1,500 g admitted to the...
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