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Original Article
The Statistical Observations for Pediatric Inpatients (1971-1990)
Hwa Ja Kim, Yong Min Jung, Sang Kyu Park, Ho Jin Park, Mi Ja Shin, Suk Chul Kang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1993;36(5):615-625.   Published online May 15, 1993
We observed the patients admitted to the department of pediatrics Seoul Red Cross Hospital during the past twenty years from Jan. 1971 to Dec. 1990 The results were as follows: 1) The total number of pediatric inpatients during 20 years was 15,800, of which 9,683 were male, 6,117 were female and male to female ratio was 1.58:1 2) On age distribution, neonates and...
Case Report
A Case of Neonatal Hemolytic Disease due to Anti-c Isoimmunization
Hwan Sup Kang, Hyo Sup Joo, Chong Woo Bae, Suk Chul Kang, Chang Il Ahn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1982;25(9):945-948.   Published online September 30, 1982
A 40 hours old female neonate was admitted to the Pediatric Ward of Kyung Hee Unive- rsity Hospital due to severe jaundice. Laboratory work up showed typical pictures of immune hemolytic anemia. But there was no incompatibility of ABO and Rh(D) systems between the baby and mother. Minor blood groups were examined by Reagent Red Cells Selectogen and Antigram. High titer (1 : 125) of...
Prednisolone-responsive Malignant Osteopetrosis: a case reveiw.
Chong Woo Bae, Hwan Sup Kang, Jeong Sik Min, Suk Chul Kang, Soo Woong Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1982;25(5):512-517.   Published online May 31, 1982
The authors presented a 17 months old female with malignant osteopetrosis, who was admitted to the Pediatric Department of Kyung Hee University Hospital on May, 1981 because of epistaxis and growth retardation. Diagnosis was made by typical clinical manifestations, hematologic and radiologic findings, such as frontal bossing, opened anterior fontanel, exophalmoses, strabismus, optic atropy, marked hepatosplenomegaly, severe anemia, thrombocytopenia, reticulocytosis...
A case of Finnish Type of Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.
Jeong Sik Min, Yang Kook Shon, Soo Woong Lee, Suk Chul Kang, Yong Koo Park, Moon Ho Yang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1982;25(2):175-182.   Published online February 28, 1982
The Finnish type of Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome is characterized by large placenta, early manifestation, growth and developmental delay and resistance to treatment. Authors experienced a case of characteristic Finnish type of Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome in a girl, who was admitted to the Pediatric Department of KHUH at 2 1/1 months of age because of generalized edema and abdominal distension and...
Congenital Lobar Emphysema.
Jin Tae Kim, Ki Hong Suh, Suk Chul Kang, Chang Il Ahn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1981;24(1):85-87.   Published online January 15, 1981
Congenital lobar emphysema is characterized by overdistension and air trapping in the affected lobe, concomitant compression of remaining long tissue, displacement of the mediastinum by herniation of the emphysematons lobe across the anterior mediastinum into the opposite chest. The occurrence of this condition early in life, its sudden appearance in the absence of infection and foreign body in the bronchus...
Original Article
Rifampin Effects on Tuberculous Meningitis in Children.
Kyong Sook Lee, Kyu Chung Park, Mi Ja Shin, Suk Chul Kang
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1978;21(7):543-551.   Published online July 31, 1978
Fifty nine patients of tuverculous menigiis who were admitted to the Pediatric department of Seoul Red Cross Hospital during the period from March, 1976 to December 1977 were treated with rifampin in addition to isoniazid and streptomycin injection, and Compaired with 135 cases of tuberculous meningitis who were admitted during the period from January, 1971 to December, 1975. The contrast...
Statistical Observation on Immunization.
Chang Il Ahn, Sang Woo Kim, Suk Chul Kang, Chang Jun Coe, Byung Chul Lee, Chong Moo Park
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1978;21(4):253-260.   Published online April 30, 1978
A Survey was carried out on immunization, during the period from January to September of 1977.
Case Report
A Caes of Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.
Hyang Ok Hwang, Kyong Sook Lee, Mi Ja Shin, suk Chul Kang, Ki Hong Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1977;20(10):768-768.   Published online October 31, 1977
Nephrotic syndrome occurs infrequentiy prior to the second year of life. When nephrotic syndrome does develop during the first year, the course differs from that of older children with nephrotic sydrome, being characterized by an extremely poor prognosis and an almost complete refractoriness to therapy. Despite its low incidence congenital nephrotic syndrome is important, not only because of the severity...
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