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Volume 18(1); Jan 1975
Growth and development in adolescence
S.J. KWO kwon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):1-3.   Published online January 31, 1975
Genetic disorders in adolescents
Hyoungro Moon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):4-10.   Published online January 31, 1975
Acne vulgaris in adolescence
Hongil kook
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):11-13.   Published online January 31, 1975
Diseases of the genitaForgans in adolescents
TaeJin kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):14-17.   Published online January 31, 1975
Neuropsychotic disorders in adolescents
C.E kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):18-21.   Published online January 31, 1975
Original Articles
Comparative Observations Between Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase and Glntamic Pyruvic Transaminase in Acute Viral Hepatitis
Ghun Shik Ihm
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):22-28.   Published online January 31, 1975
Transaminase is the enzyme that catalyze the reversible transfer of an alpha amino group from an amino acid to an alpha keto acid. This enzyme was first discovered by Braunstein and Kritzman in 1937 in pigeon breast muscle. Although a large number of substrate specific transaminases have been described in the serum _glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT) and glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT)....
Study on the Relationship between the Sleeping Posture and Head Form
Soo Young Whang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):29-39.   Published online January 31, 1975
Davenport (1963) found that 87% of the human skull growth came in the first two years of life, a time also associated with a very rapid growth of the nervous system. Among the many indices used to measure head form the lengh-breadth cephalic index is the most widely used index. Although head form is determined mainly by heredity, other factors...
Clinical Observation of Congenital Megacolon
Young Jin Chung, Woo Gill Liegh, Ki Young Lee, Dong Shik Chin, WoonSub Han
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):40-46.   Published online January 31, 1975
Congenital Megacolon is due to congenital defect of the parasympathetic ganglionic cells in Auerbach’s plexus causing constriction anatomically at rectum or rectosigmoid in majority and an abscence of peristalsis and propulsive movement functionally with marked dilatation at the proximal bowel of the defected area. We have experienced 33 caess of congenital megacolon from January, 1957 to December, 1972 and this disease...
Clinical Observation on Rheumatic Fever
Woo Hyun, Ok Jung Koh, In Ja Kim, Keun Chan Sohn
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):47-54.   Published online January 31, 1975
One hundred and fifteen cases of rheumatic fever were observed at the Pediatric Department of National Medical Centerin Seoul, Korea, during the fifteen years, from Sept., 1958 to Aug., 1973. The following results were obtained. 1.37.5% of the total cases were acute rheumatic fever and 62.6% chronic heart disease. 2.The highest age incidence in children occured between the ages of 6...
The Statistical Observation for Incidence, Trend and Growth of Three Kinds of Milk Fed Infants during the years of 1968 to 1971 at Well-bady Clinic, Ped. Dept, NMC.
Kyu Bong Chung, Hea Sook Kwon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):55-68.   Published online January 31, 1975
The statistical analysis for incidence, trend and growth of 2, 304 infants, nursed with one of three kinds of milk (Breast milk, cow’s milk and mixed milk) from birth to 6 months of age during the years of Jan. 1968 to Dec. 1971, was made. The results were obtained as follow: 1)According to years, the incidence of breast milk feeding...
Abnormal Cerebrovascular Network Related to the Occlusion Of the Internal Carotid Arteries
Dong Bok Lee, Soo Woong Lee, Kyong Sil Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):69-74.   Published online January 31, 1975
In recent years, many cases of so called cerebral rete itiirabile have been reported in Japan and Korea. The abnormal cerebrovascular network at the base of the brain could be shown by the carotid angiography and it seems to be related with the occulsion of the internal carotid arteries. Since the authors have observed 4 cases of similar vascular abnormalities in...
Statistical Review of DPT Vaccination
K.W. Hong, H.G. Lee, W.C. Kim, Y.C. Tocko, S.D. Cha
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):75-82.   Published online January 31, 1975
Case Report
A Case of Scleroderma
B.H. Choi, W.J. Park, M.J. Shin, S.C. Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):83-86.   Published online January 31, 1975
A case of 11 year old Korean girl with scleroderma without [involvement of G I tract and other viscera was experienced and reported with literatural review. This casejwas finally proved by skin biopsy. On admission for further evaluation, esophagogram, small intestine series Fand dental X-ray revealed normal finding. Prednisolone (2 mg/kg /day) and tocopherol (300 mg/day) were:administered. One month later...
A Case of Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome
Key Poong Lee, Hyung Suck Byun, Chong Man Yoon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):87-91.   Published online January 31, 1975
A case of Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in a 12 year and 9 month old boy was presented. Physical examination showed melanin pigmentation on the lips and multiple polyposis of gastrointestinal tract. The diagnosis was confirmed by characteristic pigmentation, radiologic evidence, gastroscopy, colonofiberscopy and intestinal biopsy. Brief review of related literatures were presented.
Original Articles
Abstracts from Foreign Literature
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1975;18(1):92-94.   Published online January 31, 1975
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