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Volume 23(1); Jan 1980
Original Articles
A Study of SerumT4 T3RU, and T7 Levels in Korean Mother and ewborn Infant.
Soo Dong Nam
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):1-14.   Published online January 15, 1980
Thyroid function in term fetus has mot been clearly defined. The direction and extent of net placental thyroid hormone transfer near term and the relative maternal and fetal contributions to total fetal thyroid hormone needs are not known clearly yet. Earlier reports of human T4 concentrations in maternal and cord blood have been conflicting : both maternal- fetal and fetal-maternal...
Effect of Long Term Anticonvulsant Therapy on Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and Alkaline Phosphatase in Convulsive Children.
S J Chung, S W Lee, C I Ahn
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):15-23.   Published online January 15, 1980
It has been well established that anticonvulsant drugs result in disturbance of Vitamin D Metabolism. The authors made a survey of 47 convulsive children aged from 9 months to 16years old who were diagnosed as convulsive disorder in pediatric department of K. H. U. H. from Dec., 1972 to Feb., 1979. The children were groupedas follows.: Fortyseven children including (control...
Serum Electrolytes in Acute Infections of the Children.
Y D Known, I J Kang, I K Paik, C M Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):24-32.   Published online January 15, 1980
This study was conducted of changes of the serum electrolytes for 1410 patients admitted with the acute infections to the Pediatric Department of Presbyterian Hospital in Daegu, during the period of 2 years from Aug. 1975 through July 1977. The results were as follows : 1. Of the 1410 infectious cases, 458 cases (32.5%) showed hyponatremia. Most of the cases(82.5%...
Clinical Study of Neonatal Tetanus.
Bun Sun Doh
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):33-40.   Published online January 15, 1980
Author observed clinically and epidemiologically total 60cases of neonatal tetanus who were admitted to the department of pediatrics, Pusan children hospital from Jan. 1974. To Aug. 1979, and reviewed literatures The following results were obtained. 1) The annual incidence of neonatal tetanus has been increased and over all mortality rate was 50.0%. 2) Sex incidence revealed that males predominated in...
Statistical Analyses of the Diseases of the Nervous system: With Special Reference to the Annual Change of the Incidence.
Yong Seung hwang, Yong Choi, Dwang Wook Ko
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):41-56.   Published online January 15, 1980
Primary disorders of the nervous system admitted to the Pediatric ward of Seoul National University Hospital during 10 years from January 1969 till December 1978 were analysed to observe particularly the annual change of the incidence. Total number of the diseases of the nervous system was 1522, about 20.2% of the total admitted patients during this period. Annual incidence of...
Clinical Observation of Subdural Effusion.
So Hee Ine, Soo Jee moon, Young Won Kim, Chong Moo Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):57-62.   Published online January 15, 1980
63 cases with subdual effusion who had been admitted to the pediatric department of Hanyang university hospital from May 1972 to July 1977. And following result was obtained. 1) Among 63xases, Age distribution of patients were under 6 months of age with peak incidence under one month of age (82.5%). Sex incidence revealed a male predominance with the ratio of...
Case Reports
A Case of Chylous Ascites in an Infant Boy.
Kyu Chan Kim, Hae Il Cheong, Yong Choi, Hyung Ro Moon
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):63-67.   Published online January 15, 1980
The authors report a case of chylous ascites in a two month old boy with massive ascites. He was managed with repeated therapeutic paracentesis and skimmed milk feeding. A marked improvement was resulted in clinical symptoms and laboratory findings at the time of discharge to be followed-up at the outpatient service. A brief review of literatures is included
Acute Purulent Pericarditis-Two Case Reprots and Review of Literature-.
T C Kwon, Y D Kwon, I K Paik, C M Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):68-73.   Published online January 15, 1980
Two cases of acute purulent pericarditis in a 10 years old male and 19 months old female were presented. In a 10 years old boy, the pericarditis was complicated to septicemia and terminated into possible constriction. A 19 months old female infant had isolated pericarditis and recovered completely after antibiotic therapy and pericardiocentesis. Hemolytic staphylococcus aureus was cultured from the...
A Case of Kugelberg-Welander Disease.
H S Han, K Shim, Y S Kang, Y S Yoon, Y K Kim, J G Chi
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):74-79.   Published online January 15, 1980
A case of Kugelberg-Welander Disease, a rare neuromuscular disease in childhood, in a 28 month old Korean male is presented. This patient was fairly good until 24 months of age, when she was found to have waddling gait, weakness of both lower extremities along with tremor of hands. At the time of admission he showed obvious proximal muscle weakness, more...
A Case of Pneumomediastinum & Subcutaneous Emphysema in Measles.
D S Kang, M S Ji, M H Shin, J S Oh
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1980;23(1):80-84.   Published online January 15, 1980
A 7 year old malnourished boy with black measles was admitted with chief complaints of generalized weakness, dyspnea & swelling of the neck in moribund state. Chest PA revealed homogenous increased hazyness bilaterally, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema. He was given conservative treatment for pneumomediastinum & subcutaneous emphysema & antibiotics without improvement. He died next day. No autopsy was granted. We...
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