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Volume 31(12); Dec 1988
Original Articles
Neurosonographic Follow-up Study in Low Weight Infants.
Yil Sub Lee, Chul Lee, Ran Namgung, Dong Gwan Han, Ki Keun Oh
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1573-1579.   Published online December 31, 1988
Serial neurosonographic examinations were performed in 34 low birth weight infants who were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of Yong-Dong Severance Hospital. Among them, 14 (41 %)were found to have periventicular-intraventricular hemorrhage. The initial hemorrhage occured in the first three days of life among 71% infants. After initial hemorrhage, hemorrhage was decreased in size and thereafter absorbed. Fourteen (44%) infants demonsrated cysts...
A Clinical Study of Meconium Stained Baby and Culture of the Tracheal and Gastric Meconium.
Dong Ryong Lee, Sung Ho Bae, Yeon Kyun Oh, San Ho Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1580-1587.   Published online December 31, 1988
Among the total of 3,102 newborns delivered at Won Kwang University Hospital from September 1984 to December 1986, a clinical study was performed of meconium stained baby and culture of the tracheal and gastric meconium. The results were as follows: 1) The incidence of meconium staining was 8.8% (272 cases) and the positive rate of meconium culture was 22.8% (62 cases). 2) The cultures of tracheal and gastric...
Serum C-Reactive Protein in Differential Diagnosis of Meningitis in Children.
Hae Lim Chung, Hoan Jong Lee, Yong Seung Hwang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1588-1593.   Published online December 31, 1988
CSF findings such as cell count, differential count, protein, glucose and serum CRP determined by capillary precipitin method evaluated in 90 patients of meningitis admitted to the pediatric ward of Seoul National University Children’s Hospital, in terms of differential diagnosis of meningitis. The results are as follows; 1) There was considerable overlap of CSF findings and hematQlogic values between bacterial, aseptic and tuberculous meningitis groups. 2) All 9...
The Abeominal Tuberculosis in Children.
Young Sik Kim, Jeong Hun Ha, Jeong Kee Seo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1594-1602.   Published online December 31, 1988
following results were obtained through the clinical review of 29 cases with the abdominal tuberculosis under the age of 15 years, who admitted to Seoul National University Hospital from January, 1977 to December, 1987. 1) Thirteen cases were patients with tuberculous peritonitis, 12 cases were patients with intestinal tuberculosis, and the remaining 4 cases were patients with both tuberculous peritonitis and intestinal tuberculosis. 2) The male to...
A Clinical Study of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Pneumonia.
Jeong Wi Yook, Sun Ock Kim, Min Shik Kim, Hey Sun Lee, Young Min Ahn, Dae Young Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1603-1611.   Published online December 31, 1988
A clinical study was made on 114 cases of Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumoniae pneumonia during the period of 3-6/12 years from April, 84 to September, 87. The results were as follows; 1) Among the 920 cases of lower respiratory tract infections, the incidence of Mycoplasma infection was 25.4%(234/920). 2) The mean age was 6.2 ±2.9 years and the male to female ratio was 1:1.1. 3) There was no significant seasonal...
Clinical and Environmental Studies on Childhood Bronchial Asthma.
Myung Suk Kim, Myung Ho Kwon, Mea Young Chung, Dong Hyuck Kum
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1612-1618.   Published online December 31, 1988
Clinical and environmental studies were made on 60 cases of bronchial asthma patients who were admitted to the Koryo General Hospital from July 1985 to June 1986. Results were as follows: 1) The peak age of onset was below 6 years of age, 76.7% of total cases being included. 2) Bronchial asthma occurred most common in fall (38.3%), especially in September (15%). 3) Eosinophilia was noted in 58.3%...
Foreign Body on the Airway in Infants and Children.
I J Cho, H S Lee, T W Paik, C M Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1619-1625.   Published online December 31, 1988
Inhalation of foreign bodies occur accidentally, and is encountered more frequently in children than in adults. Foreign body in the tracheobronchial tree is serious, and in some instances, can be fatal. Therefore, if occured, proper emergent measurement combined with elaborate removal procedure as soon as possible is essential. A 8 and 1/2 years experience with the treatment of 25 children of foreign body aspiration...
Perforation of the Gastointestinal Tract in Infancy and Childhood.
S J Lee, Y S Kim, H D Cha, T C Kwon, C M Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1626-1632.   Published online December 31, 1988
Thirty-nine patients with perforations of the gastrointestinal tract proved by operation were presented. 35.9% of perforations were between the age of 6-10 year and 20.5% were Neonates. Male to female ratio was 2:1. The cardinal symptom of the perforation was abdominal pain in older child and abdominal distention in the neonates. Abdominal X-ray showed subphrenic free air shadow in 48.7% of the total cases. The subphrenic free...
The Direct Coombs Test and Heat Elution Test in ABO Incompatible Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn.
Kook In PArk, Chul Lee, Ran Namgung, Dong Gwan Han, Kir Young Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1633-1640.   Published online December 31, 1988
The clinical study on 28 cases of ABO HDN who were diagnosed at Pediatric Department of Severance hospital and Yong Dong Severance hospital, Yonsei University for last 5 months was. And in these cases, heat elution test in combined with direct Coombs test using standard techniques were performed to evaluate the clinical significance of serological diagnosis. The following results were obtained. 1) Of 28 ABO HDN...
Clinical Evaluation of Bleeding Tendency in Childhood.
In Chull Yoo, Gill Hyoun Kim, Sang Man Shin, Sang Jhoo Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1641-1649.   Published online December 31, 1988
Four hundred and ninety-nine cases of bleeding disorders in childhood who were admitted to department of pediatrics, Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital during 10 years from July 1977 to June 1987 were clinically evaluated. The results obtained were as follows: 1) The incidence of bleeding disorders was 2.97% of total admitted patient. There was no signifi- cant difference in annual incidence. 2) The peak age of incidence was...
Pancreatic ISlet-cell Adenoma in a Neonate.
Kyu Bum Cho, Yang Bin Im, Dong Hwan Lee, Sang Jhoo Lee, Tae Jeong Kwon, Dong Hwa Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1650-1656.   Published online December 31, 1988
Islet cell adenoma is a rare cause of severe neonatal hypoglycemia. A newborn infant with severe symptomatic hypoglycemia had persistent hypoglycemia in spite of therapy with parenteral glucose solution. Islet-cell adenoma of mixed islet-acinar type was found when subtotal pancreatectomy was performed at 42 days of age. Following surgery she had a transient hyperglycemia and required isulin for 40 days. She has remained normoglycemic but...
2 Cases of Congenital Bronchial Anomalies Associated with Recurrent Pneumonia in Children.
Choong Sun Kang, Kyu Earn Kim, Ki Young Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1657-1662.   Published online December 31, 1988
We have experienced 2 cases of congenital bronchial anomalies in children. In one case, the right middle lobe bronchus originated from the right upper lobe bronchus, and all branches of the bronchial tree including the right main bronchus showed severe deformity. In another case, two upper lobe bronchi originated from the right main bronchus. These bronchial anomalies were associated with chronic and recurrent respiratory...
Two Cases of Chronic Bronchitis in Children Who Showed Perfusion Defects at the Base of Lung.
Hyeon Soo Lee, Kyu Earn Kim, Ki Young Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1663-1668.   Published online December 31, 1988
We experienced two cases of chronic bronchitis in 9 4/12 year female & 10 year old male who were admitted at department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Yonsei University. In which all laboratory findings including chest X-ray were normal, but on the scitiscan perfusion defects were noted at the base of lung and clinically improved accociated with disappearance of perfusion defects ossurred after treatment. The...
Angioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy in a Child.
S J Lee, H S Lee, H S Kim, C M Kang, D S Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1669-1673.   Published online December 31, 1988
Angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy is a lymphoma like disorder consisting of generalized lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegaly, skin rashes, often associated with dysgammag- lobulinemia. We have experienced recently 3 year old female complaining of generalized lymphadenopthy, fever, hepatomegaly and hypergammaglobulinemia, and was proved as angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy histologically. Patient was treated with combined chemotherapy with COMP and responded well clinically in 4 months. The brief review of the literature was made.
A case of Holoprosencephaly.
Won Chil Lee, In Chae Kim, Kung Min Lee, Chull Zoo Jung, Wang Bok Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1674-1679.   Published online December 31, 1988
A case of Holoprosencephaly, alobar type in 1-day-old female infant was presented. This patient manifested median facial defects and had extracranial anomaly such as cardiac defects. Chromosome studies showed a normal female karyotype with 46 chromosomes. The diagnosis was confirmed by brain CT scan and autopsy. A brief review of literature was made.
A case of Marfan Syndrome.
T U Kim, S H Bae, H S Yoon, S H Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1680-1684.   Published online December 31, 1988
We experienced a case of Marfan syndrome in 10 year-old girl with dolichomorphism, myopia, dilatation of ascending aorta, PDA, mitral valve prolapse. Diagnosis was established by clinical characteristics with echocardiography and cardiac catheter- ization. And also, Pertinent literatures on Marfan svndrome were reviewed briefly.
A Case of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.
Jeong Wi Wook, Eun Young Choi, Min Shik Kim, Hey Sun Lee, Young Min Ahn
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1685-1688.   Published online December 31, 1988
We experienced one case of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. This 5 day aged female neonate manifested gigantism, facial nevus flammeus, macroglossia, Promi- nent occiput, unusual linear fissures in lobule of external ear, omphalocele, gall bladder hydrops, and mild hypoglycemia. A brief review of related literature was done.
A Case of Addison's Disease.
In Hoon Lee, H. D. Lee, Hee Ju Jeon, Chan Yung Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1988;31(12):1689-1695.   Published online December 31, 1988
A 9-year-old girl with Addison’s disease without other endocrine disorder presented with a brief review of the literature. The patient was transferee! to our hospital because of darkish brown pigmentation of whole body and generalized weakness which had misunderstood cyanotic heart disease. On physical examination, she was poorly nourished and below 10 percentile in weight and height. Skin and mucous membrane were diffusely darkish brown,...
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