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Volume 36(12); Dec 1993
Original Articles
Phenobarbital Dosage and Blood Level for Control of Neonatal Seizure
Hye Soon Kim, Keun Lee, Young Sook Ko
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1641-1646.   Published online December 15, 1993
Twenty-five neonates was observe for the relationship between phenobrbital loading dose, plasma concentrations and control of seizures. Nineteen neonates (76%) had seizures controlled by phenobarbital alone, Effective plasma concentration were 10.0~31.3㎍/ml. Although 14 neonates had seizures controlled by phenobarbital concentration below 20㎍/ml, neonate required level above 30㎍/ml. We foound that continued benefit was obtained until phenobarbital plasma concentrations reached 40㎍/ml...
Clinical Characteristics of Inborn and Outborn Infants Admitted to the NICU
Hyun Cheol Lee, Jin Young Choi, Hwang Min Kim, Baek Keun Lim, Jong Soo Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1647-1655.   Published online December 15, 1993
Regionalization of high-risk perinatal care has been advocated because intensive care of small and ill newborn infants lowers mortality and morbidity. This report is based on analysis of admissions to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Wonju Christian Hospital during the 4-year period from January, 1988 to December, 1991. There were 786 inborn infants and 1155 outborn...
Clinical Observation of Meconium Aspiration Syndrome : In Relation to Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
Young Ran Yoon, Jin Sook Kim, Mi Kyung Kim, Sun Young Kho, Seong Ja Lee, Mi Jung Kim, Hye Kyung Han, Kyung Hoon Choi, Mi Na Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1656-1662.   Published online December 15, 1993
To identify the neonates at the risk of having meconium aspiration syndrome, the perinatal characteristics and finding of fetal heart rate monitorings in 366 neonates who had meconium-stained amniotic fluid were retrospectively reviewed. The results were as follows ; 1) Overall incidence of MAS was 0.7%. 2) Mortality rate of MAS was 5.8%. 3) The mean Apgar scores at 1-and 5-minute were...
Clinical Study on Twins
Sang Hee Lee, Ok Young Kim, Son Sang Seo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1663-1671.   Published online December 15, 1993
Clinical survey was performed on 413 cases of twin pregnancies and their 816 twin babies who were born at IlSin Christian Hospital during 5years from January 1987 to December 1991. The result of study was as follows : 1) There was 413 twin pregnancies among 40,711 deliveries, so the incidence of twins was 1 : 98.6. Average male-female sex ratio of twins...
The Therapeutic Effects of Dexamethasone in Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Min Joong Kwon, Kook In Park, Min Soo Park, Ran Namgung, Chul Lee, Dong Kwan Han
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1672-1680.   Published online December 15, 1993
We observed clinical features of 18 bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) patients who were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit in the Severance Hospital of Yonsei University College of Medicine from January 1. 1987 to June 30. 1991. Eight patients in whom ventilator settings were unchanged from for more than 5 days because of lack of improvement in pulmonary function. ...
Pterin & DHPR Measurement and DNA Analysis in Korean PKU Patients
Chol Hee Chong, Hye Yong Lee, Dong Hwan Lee, Sang Jhoo Lee, Ki Weon Cha, Jeong Bin Yim, Yoshiyuki Okano
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1681-1690.   Published online December 15, 1993
Phenylketonuria in metabolic disorder that results from a deficiency of the hepatic phenylalanine hydroxylase. But among patients with hyperphenylalaninemia, the defect resides in one of the enzymes necessary for production or recycling of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4). The reduction of BH4 affects not only phenylalanine metabolism but also formation of the tyrosine related neurotransmitter, dopamin and tryptophan related neurotransmitter, serotonin. Administration of L-dopa...
Esophageal Varix in Children - Endoscopic Evaluation and Clinical characteristics-
Soon Young Kim, Jeong Kee Seo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1691-1700.   Published online December 15, 1993
Fifty five children with encoscopically proven esophageal varices form Jul. 1987 to Dec. 1992 were analyzed for endoscopic and clinical characteristics. The results were as follows : 1) According to etiological classification of portal hypertension in 55 cases, 35 cases showed intrahepatic causes (64%) and cases had extrahepatic causes (36%). The most common clinical manifestation on admission was hematemesis (42%) and abdominal mass...
The Effect of Prolonged Treatment in Children with Chronic Hepatitis B with Combination of Alpha-Interferon and Acyclovir
Jeong Ok Hah, Kyoung A Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1701-1706.   Published online December 15, 1993
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of prolonged treatment in children with chronic hepatitis B will combination of alpha-interferon and acyclovir. The study population consisited of & patients with chronic hepatitis B who showed histological findings compatible with chronic active hepatitis (4 cases) or chronic persistent hepatitis (3 cases) on liver biopsy and had elevated AST and ALT with...
Eosinophil Cationic Protein in Relation to Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness in Asthmatic Children
Jin Tack Kim, Joon Sung Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1707-1715.   Published online December 15, 1993
The eosinophil is the major cell responsible for the inflammatory reaction in bronchial asthma. Secretion of granular components is probably of considerable importance for the inflammatory effects of the eosinophils, Eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) is the one of the secretory components of the eosinophil granule and is considered as an activation marker of eosinophil, Blood eosinophil count, serum concentration of...
Tricuspid Atresia : A Re-evaluation and Classification
Jun Hee Sul, Jong Kyun Lee, Seok Min Choi, Sung Kyu Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1716-1720.   Published online December 15, 1993
Morphological evaluations accounting the associated anomalies were performed in the 60 cases of tricuspid atresia, diagnosed at Divsion of Pediatric Cardiology. The following results were obtained. 1) Twenty one out of the 6 cases had transposition of the great vessels, among which 8 cases were in complete A-transposition. 2) Seven cases were associated with pulmonany atresia, in 1 case, aorts arise from...
Analysis of the Morphological Characteristics of Double Outlet Right Ventricle and Comparative Study of Operative Methods
Jun Hee Sul, Jong-Kyun Lee, Jo Won Jung, Sung Kyu Lee, Bum Koo Cho
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1721-1731.   Published online December 15, 1993
Double outlet right ventricle, a complex of congenital cardiac anomalies in which both great arteries arise wholly or in large part from the morphologic right ventricle presents diverse clinical manifestations according to the morphological characteristics. Eighty cases with DORV were diagnosed and operated at Yonsei Cardiovascular Center from 1988 to 1992. The analysis of the morphological characteristics of this anomaly and...
Stastical Studies on Pediatric Emergency Room Patients
Kyoung Dug Moon, Won Ah Park, Hae Kyung Lee, Young Hee Yu, Hyun Suk Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1732-1739.   Published online December 15, 1993
The authors reviewed 3145 pediatric patients who visited the emergecy room in the hospital during 3yrs period from Jan. 1989 to Dec. 1991. 1) Among the patients visiting the emergency room, the patients under 15 years of age were 26.4% (3145) of total emergency patients (11930). 2) Yearly distribution of patients were decreased 17% between 1989 and 1991. 3) Monthly distribution of visits...
Cyclosporin A Treatment of Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
Ik Jun Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1740-1746.   Published online December 15, 1993
In this study I assesed the efficacy and tolerance of cyclosporin A (CyA) in the treatment of steroid-dependent MCNS (minimal change nephrotic cyndrome) and steroid resistant FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis). The results showed, that 1) CyA was effective in sustaining a remission in steroid-dependent MCNS without prednisone treatment, and therefore, could be an alternative therapeutic choice. 2) After discontinuation of CyA, relapses reccurred...
Case Reports
A Case of Sacrococcygeal Teratoma with Spina Bifida Cystica in Newborn
Tae Woo Kim, Sung Ki Park, Young Soo Baik, Hee Sin Ko, Dong Uk Kim, Woo Taek Kim, Woong Hm Kim, Chang Yeun Lee, Young Bae Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1747-1751.   Published online December 15, 1993
Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a rare tumor, it occurs once in every 40,000 live births. Most of the reported cases appear in female infant (M:F=1:4). They deserve clinical attention because they are potenially malignant and are curable if diagnosed and treated early. The patients may have associated congenital anomalies. This patient has spina bifida cystica in lower sacrum. Brief review of related literature is included...
Two Cases of Gaucher's Disease in Brothers
Seung Beum Cho, Heung Sik Kim, Chin Moo Kang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1752-1760.   Published online December 15, 1993
We experienced two cases of Gaucher's disease of adult type in brother aged four years and two years. The patients showed hepatosplenomegaly with anemia and thrombocytopenia. Typical Gaucher cells were found in bone marrow and biopsy specimens of liver and spleen through light and electron microscopic examination. Splenectomy was followed by improvement of anemia and thrombocytopenia. A brief review of...
A Case of Fetus-in-Fetu
Jong Hyun Kim, Ik Jun Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1761-1764.   Published online December 15, 1993
Fetus-in-fetu is a very rare condition in which a malformed monozygotic twin lies within the body of its fellow, usually in the retroperitoneal cavity. Today it is generally accepted that the distinction between fetus-in-fetu and teratoma is largely determined by whether an axial skeleton system is present. We experienced a 6 months female infant who admitted to our unit because of...
A Case of Solid and Papilary Tumor of Pancreas
Kyoung Bum Kim, Hae Won Cheon, Ji Hee Park, Kee Hyoung Lee, Kwang Chul Lee, Young Chang Tockgo
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1765-1769.   Published online December 15, 1993
We report a cases of solid and papillary neoplasm of the pancreas, which is a rare pancreatic tumor. We described clinical characteristics, sonographic, computed tomographic and pathologic finding. The tumors had a smooth, enhanced capsule and variable internal architecture. The tumor was distributed tail of pancreas without local invasion. The origin of the tumor is probably from a multipotential stem...
A Case of Scleredema
Bin Cho, Ik Jun Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1770-1773.   Published online December 15, 1993
Scleredema is a rare skin disease of unknown cause involving the face, neck upper portion of the trunk, and proximal upper extremities. The clinical features of it are nonpitting, solid emema or stiffness of the neck, which may be sudden or insidious onset. Preceeding upper respiratory infection or diabetes mellitus have been frequently discribed to be associated with disease. A monoclonal...
Clinical Lecture
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 1993;36(12):1774-1777.   Published online December 15, 1993
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