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Volume 46(7); Jul 2003
Mothers' Recognition of Childhood Obesity
Mi Jung Kim, Ae Jung Kwak, Kwang Hae Choi, Yong Hoon Park, Kyeong Soo Lee
Accepted January 1, 1970  
Purpose : This study was performed to know the mothers' recognition of childhood obesity because the mothers' role is essential for management in childhood. Methods : Seven hundred and seventy two mothers who visited pediatrics clinics in five regional cities(Daegu, Kumi, Waekan, Kyungsan and Youngchun) were include in a questionnaire survey concerning childhood obesity. The questionnaire was anonymous and filled in...
Clinical Lecture
Down Syndrome
Wonbae Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):623-626.   Published online July 15, 2003
Medical Lecture Course
Long-term Problems in Patients with Totally Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot - A New Paradigm for Late Management -
Jae Young Choi
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):627-634.   Published online July 15, 2003
Original Articles
A Follow-up Survey of Mothers' Antenatal Breast-feeding Plans
Hae Soon Kim, Jeong Wan Seo, Yong Joo Kim, Kee Hyoung Lee, Jae Young Kim, Jae Sung Ko, Sun Hwan Bae, Hye Sook Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):635-641.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : To investigate the success rate and factors that influence breast-feeding among women having antenatal breast-feeding plans. Methods : Questionnaires included items on success in breast-feeding, reasons for failure and perinatal factors. It was done by telephone calls to 152 randomly selected women having antenatal breast-feeding plans at 4 months after delivery. The questionnaires were analysed by bivariate χ2-...
A Questionnaire on Using Informed Consents of Parents or Guardians in Vaccination of Children
Seung-Hi Paik, Eun Hee Chung, Mie Ryung Uhm, Son Moon Shin, Woo Gill Lee, Mi Na Lee, Hoan Jong Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):647-654.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : This study was done to evaluate the parents' or guardians' compliance of obtaining individual informed consent before vaccination and the possible problems of using informed consent. Methods : One hundred and twelve children were randomly selected among 2,820 children who visited Samsung Cheil Hospital during July 2002. A questionnaire about using informed consent of vaccination was given to all...
Correlation between Chest Radiographic Findings and Respiratory Indices in Neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Yong-Hwan Chung, Youn-Jin Park, Chong-Woo Bae, Dong-Wook Sung
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):655-660.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : The relationship between chest X-ray findings and respiratory indices, including the arterial-alveolar oxygen partial pressure ratio(a/APO2) and the ventilatory index(VI), indicators of the clinical respiratory status in neonates with respiratory distress syndrome(RDS), was examined in the present study. Methods : The records of 50 neonates, randomly chosen from 174 neonates treated with pulmonary surfactant(PS) in the Neonatal Intensive Care...
Follow-up in Adult after Total Repair of Tetralogy of Fallot
Gi Young Jang, Sun Young Kim, Joo Ryung Moon, Joon Huh, I-Seok Kang, Seung Woo Park, Tae Gook Jun, Pyo Won Park, Heung Jae Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):661-667.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : This study was performed to find the chief clinical problems associated with the ages of adult patients of tetralogy of Fallot(TOF) who had undergone total correction. Methods : Of the 30 patients who were registered at the Grown-Up Congenital Heart Disease (GUCH) Clinic of Samsung Medical Center for TOF, a retrospective investigation was carried out on 28 patients who...
Effects of Endothelin A Receptor Antagonist to Cellular Proliferation and Apoptosis in Neonatal Rat Heart
Byung Min Choi, Kee Hwan Yoo, Young Sook Hong, Joo Won Lee, Soon Kyum Kim
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):668-678.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : In order to investigate the role of endothelins in the cardiac development, the present study was designed to examine the effects of endothelin A receptor(ETAR) antagonist to the cellular proliferation and apoptosis in the neonatal rat heart. In addition, the expression of various regulatory genes in protein and mRNA levels by ETAR antagonist were examined. Methods : Neonatal...
Apoptotic Pathway Induced by Dominant Negative ATM Gene in CT-26 Colon Cancer Cells
Jung Chang Lee, Ho Keun Yi, Sun Young Kim, Dae Yeol Lee, Pyoung Han Hwang, Jin Woo Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):679-686.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : Ataxia telangiectasia mutated(ATM) is involved in DNA damage responses at different cell cycle checkpoints, and signalling pathways associated with regulation of apoptosis in response to ionizing radiation(IR). However, the signaling pathway that underlies IR-induced apoptosis in ATM cells has remained unknown. The purpose of this study was, therefore, to investigate the apoptotic pathway that underlies IR-induced apoptosis in...
Alteration of Growth Factor Expression after Acute Ischemic Renal Injury
Yang Sim Koe, Soo Yeon Lee, Won Kim, Soo Chul Cho, Pyoung Han Hwang, Jung Soo Kim, Dae-Yeol Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):687-694.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : Regeneration and repair after ischemic renal injury appears to be modulated by circulating or locally produced growth factors. This study examined the changes of serum insulin like growth factor(IGF-I) and renal expression of IGF-I and II, vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF), transforming growth factor-β(TGF-β), and connective tissue growth factor(CTGF) during the active regeneration period after acute ischemic injury. Methods :...
Changes of c-Fos Immunoreactivity in Midbrain by Deep Pain and Effects of Aspirin
Jin A Jung, Ki Soo Yoo, Kyu Keun Hwang
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):695-701.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : It had been suggested that pain arising from deep somatic body regions influences neural activity within periaqueductal gray(PAG) of midbrain via distinct spinal pathways. Aspirin is one of the popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used in the management of pain. Fos expression was used as a marker for neuronal activity throughout central neurons following painful peripheral stimulation. This study...
Sensitization of TNFα and Agonistic FAS/CD95 Antibody-Induced Apoptosis by INFγ on Neuroblastoma Cells
Ho Il Bang, Jong Duck Kim, Du Young Choi
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):702-709.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : IFNγ sentitizes many tumor cells to TNFα and FASL-mediated apoptosis by enhancing the expression of TNF or FAS/CD95 receptor and modulating the activation of caspase and Bcl-2 family. It has been reported that IFNγ and TNFα synergistically caused differentiation and growth inhibition of neuroblastoma cells. Even though some neuroblastoma cell express FASR/FASL on the cell surface, they could...
Roxithromycin Treatment of Tsutsugamushi Disease (Scrub Typhus) in Children
Hye-Jin Park, Kyung-Yil Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):710-713.   Published online July 15, 2003
Purpose : Although chloramphenicol and doxycycline have been used for the treatment of tsutsugamuchi disease, a difficulty exists in determining which drugs to use in treating children because of potential complications such as aplastic anemia or teeth discoloration. We evaluated the effect of roxithromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, on tsutsugamushi disease in children. Methods : A retrospective analysis was conducted on 39...
Case Reports
A Case of Intestinal Tuberculosis Concurring with Endobronchial and Laryngeal Tuberculosis
Su Jin Kim, Su Eun Park, Min Gi Lee, Gun Il Kim, Chang Hun Lee, Jae Hong Park
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):714-717.   Published online July 15, 2003
Although the incidence of tuberculosis has been reduced recently because of the advance of anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy, improvements of public health, and early diagnosis, it is still high in developing countries. Intestinal tuberculosis can occur at any age, but young adults and female are more affected. Early diagnosis of childhood intestinal tuberculosis is difficult, largely because of vague symptoms and nonspecific...
A Case of Hemolytic Disease in a Newborn Due to Anti-Jkb
Dong-Kyun Park, Young-Min Kim, Chong-Woo Bae, Yong-Mook Choi, Woo-In Lee
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):718-721.   Published online July 15, 2003
The isoimmune hemolytic disease of newborn due to the incompatibility of minor blood groups is characterized by progressive neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and anemia caused by the IgG antibody transmitted from the mother to the fetus. Recently we had a case of hemolytic disease in a newborn due to anti-Jkb. There were no ABO and Rh(D) incompatibilities between mother and baby. The...
A Case of Ileocolic Type Intussusception Associated with Hematemesis
Young Hee Kim, Seung Soo Kim, Eun Sook Suh
J Korean Pediatr Soc. 2003;46(7):722-725.   Published online July 15, 2003
Intussusception is a common cause of lower intestinal bleeding from five to 11 months of age. Typical symptoms are paroxysmal colicky pain, irritability, vomiting, abdominal mass and currant jelly stool, but hematemesis is rare. Though the most common type of intussusception is ileocecal type, it is rarely accompanied with hematemesis. Up until the present, hematemesis has been observed rarely but...
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