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Volume 48(12); Dec 2005
Clinical Lecture
Diagnosis and Management of Acute Otitis Media and Otitis Media With Effusion
Seong Hee Jang
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1283-1294.   Published online December 15, 2005
The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians developed the clinical practice guideline on the management of acute otitis media. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, and American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery developed the clinical practice guideline on the diagnosis and management of otitis media with effusion. These two guidelines provide...
Medical Lecture Course
New Nutritional Concepts of Vitamins and Minerals
Hee-Shang Youn
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1295-1309.   Published online December 15, 2005
Nowadays, the nutritional deficits are rarely seen in Korea. However, an increased availability of the highly palatable energy dense, nutrient-poor foods increases the risks of obesity and deficits of vitamins and minerals in the general population. Also, optimum intake of vitamins and minerals, which varies with age and genetic back ground, might not suffice the poor, young, obese, and elderly...
Mechanical Ventilation of the Children
June Dong Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1310-1316.   Published online December 15, 2005
Mechanical ventilation in children has some differences compared to in neonates or in adults. The indication of mechanical ventilation can be classified into two groups, hypercapnic respiratory failure and hypoxemic respiratory failure. The strategies of mechanical ventilation should be different in these two groups. In hypercapnic respiratory failure, volume target ventilation with constant flow is favorable and pressure target ventilation...
Original Articles
A Cytogenetic Study in Patients with Sex Chromosome Abnormalities
Hyun Ji Seo, Ji Hye Lee, Heung Kyo Lee, Seung Hee Jung, Kun Soo Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1317-1323.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : This study was performed to evaluate the recent frequency of karyotypes in different sex chromosome abnormalities and to evaluate the age and clinical manifestations at diagnosis. Methods : Peripheral blood leukocytes were obtained from subjects who were clinically suspected to have sex chromosome abnormalities and referred to the cytogenetic laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics, Kyungpook National University Hospital...
Evaluation of Perinatal and Management Factors Associated with Improved Survival in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
Sung Eun Park, Ga Won Jeon, Chang Won Choi, Jong Hee Hwang, Soo Hyun Koo, Yu Jin Kim, Chang Hoon Lee, Yun Sil Chang, Won Soon Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1324-1329.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : The aim of this study was to evaluate recent improvements in the survival rate of extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants and to identify perinatal and management factors that are associated with improved survival. Methods : Two groups of ELBW infants who were admitted to our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) during two distinct eras : November 1994-December...
Development of Periventricular Leukomalacia and Severe Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Very Low Birth Weight Newborns and Relationship with Ventilator Care (Study of Ventilator Care as a Risk Factor of PVL and PV-IVH)
Hak Sung Lee, Sae Kyu Lee, Yeong Jin Kim, Sang Geel Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1330-1336.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : It has been suggested that changes in cerebral blood flow by ventilator care could be a risk factor in periventricular leukomalacia(PVL) and severe periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage(PV-IVH). The study aims to assess the relationship between perinatal clinical events, including ventilator care, and the development of PVL and severe PV-IVH; especially, whether ventilator care could be causers of PVL and severe...
Usefulness of Korean Infant Developmental Screening Test in Premature Infants
Dong Han Shin, Hee Sun Lee, Jee Yeon Lee, Byung Min Choi, Baik-Lin Eun, Young Sook Hong, Joo Won Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1337-1341.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : This study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of Korean Infant Development Screening Test in predicting delayed development in premature infants. Methods : A total of 74 children with histories of prematurity, who visited the pediatric neurology clinic of Korean University Ansan Hospital from August, 2002 to July, 2004, were examined, using the Korean Infant Development Screening Test. They were...
Clinical Characteristics of Neonatal Status Epilepticus
Kyeong Hun Jung, Yun Hee Kim, Young Se Kwon, Yong Hoon Jun, Soon Ki Kim, Byong Kwan Son
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1342-1347.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : Among perinatal risk factors, neonatal seizures are one of the strongest independent discriminators of adverse outcome, representing high risks of mortality and neurologic morbidity. This study was undertaken to evaluate the neurologic outcome of neonatal status epilepticus according to underlying etiology, seizure pattern, onset time, and duration. Methods : We reviewed retrospectively 36 neonates(19 males, 17 females) with status...
Clinical Usefulness of Rapid Antigen Test on the Diagnosis of Influenza
Jae Seon Kim, Hyon Joo Choi, Young Min Ahn, Young Ok Hwang
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1348-1353.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : Influenza is a respiratory disease which prevails widely every year and shows high morbidity and mortality among not only chronic invalids and the old, but also among infants and young children. To prevent community-acquired influenza infection, to facilitate prompt antiviral therapy and to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics, an easy, rapid diagnostic method for the influenza virus is...
Therapeutic Effect of Anti-Rotavirus Chicken Egg Yolk Immunoglobulin(IgY) on Diarrhea by Infection of Rotavirus
In Seok Lim, Ho Seok Lee, Wonyong Kim, Eung Sang Choi, Dong Hyuk Jung, Hoo Kil Jung, Sung Seob Yun, Ho Nam Chun
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1354-1361.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : Rotavirus is an enteric pathogen that affects millions of children globally each year. But no specific therapy is available for the management of rotavirus diarrhea. Due to the clear need to define improved modality for treatment of rotavirus diarrhea, we evaluated the efficacy of anti- rotavirus IgY in the treatment of infants and children with gastroenteritis. Methods : First,...
N-terminal Pro-B-type Natriuretic Peptide as a Predictive Risk Factor in Fontan Operation
Gi Young Jang, Jae Young Lee, Soo Jin Kim, Woo Sup Shim
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1362-1369.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : This study aimed to investigate the correlation between the plasma level of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide(pro-BNP) and several known risk factors influencing outcomes after Fontan operations, and to assess whether pro-BNP levels can be used as predictive risk factors in Fontan operations. Methods : Plasma pro-BNP concentrations were measured in 35 patients with complex cardiac anomalies before catheterization....
Changes of Lipid and Lipoprotein Compositions in Kawasaki Disease and its Impact on Cardiac Complications
Sin Weon Yun, Ho Seok Lee, Dong Woon Kim, Kang Won Rhee, Young Soo Jung
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1370-1377.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : Delineation of serum lipid and lipoprotein values in children after Kawasaki disease(KD) is important because of the predilection of this disease for the coronary arteries. Methods : The KD group was composed of 51 patients who were hospitalized from Jan. 2002 to Dec. 2003. Control was 25 patients with non-KD febrile illness. The levels of total lipid, phospholipid,...
The Preventive Effect of Dexrazoxane and Pentoxifylline on Adriamycin Induced Cardiomyopathy
Ling Zhu, Eun-Jung Bae, Il-Soo Ha, Jung-Wook Seo, Chung-Il Noh, Jung-Yun Choi, Yong-Soo Yun
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1378-1384.   Published online December 15, 2005
Purpose : We hypothesized dexrazoxane(DXR) and pentoxifylline(PTX) may prevent myocardial damage in adriamycin(ADR)-induced cardiomyopathic rat model. We also investigated their effects on the myocardial apoptosis and fibrosis in ADR induced cardiomyopathy. Methods : The six-week old female Spregue-Dawley rats were divided into control group(CNT, n= 4), ADR group(n=6), ADR+DXR group(DXR, n=5), ADR+PTX group(PTX, n=6), ADR+DXR+PTX group(DXPT, n=5). ADR(5 mg/week, twice) was...
Case Reports
Two Cases of Paragonimiasis in Young Siblings Presenting with Pleural Effusion and Subcutaneous Nodules
Moon Young Jeong, Hee Jo Baek, Duck Cho, Jin Kim, Chan Kyoo Hwang, Dong Kyun Han, Jae Sook Ma, Hoon Kook
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1385-1388.   Published online December 15, 2005
Paragonimiasis is the infestation of lung flukes of the trematode genus Paragonimus. This disease is common in Asia, and the southern part of Korea has been known as one of the endemic areas of Paragonimiasis westermanii in Korea. Human infection is associated with specific dietary habits, such as eating freshwater crawfish or crabs. In a 6 1/2-year-old boy with pleural...
A Case of Short Arm Deletion and Long Arm Duplication at Chromosome 3
Seung Hyun Kong, Jeong Il Seo, Jang Hui Kang, So Young Jung, Ji Sun Mok
Korean J Pediatr. 2005;48(12):1389-1393.   Published online December 15, 2005
The long arm duplication of chromosome 3 was reported for the first time in 1966 by Falek et al., and Hirschhorn et al. came to identify the duplication of 3q21 qter region in 1973. In most cases of duplication 3q syndrome patients, pure duplication of 3qter is believed to be rare and is often reported accompanied with deletion of another...
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