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Volume 49(6); Jun 2006
Review Articles
Update in asthma management
Hae Ran Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):581-588.   Published online June 15, 2006
Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airway associated with increased bronchial hyperresponsiveness that leads to recurrent episodes of cough, wheezing, breathless, chest tightness. According the recent studies, repeated airway inflammation leads to structural changes so called ‘airway remodeling’ and associated with decreased pulmonary function. Airway remodeling begins form the early stage of asthma and the early diagnosis and management...
Atopic dermatitis
Bok Yang Pyun
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):589-592.   Published online June 15, 2006
Atopic dermatitis is estimated to affect 15-20% of the childhood population and there id considerable evidence that the prevalence is increasing. But it is frequently under diagnosed and inappropriately treated yet. Atopic dermatitis can have a large social;. emotional and financial effect on the child and their family. Atopic dermatitis also commonly predated the development of asthma and allergic rhinitis....
Allergic rhinitis in children : diagnosis and treatment
Yeong-Ho Rha
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):593-601.   Published online June 15, 2006
Allergic rhinitis is a common disease of childhood characterized by nasal, throat, and ocular itching, rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal congestion. Those affected with allergic rhinitis often suffer from associated inflammatory conditions of the mucosa, such as allergic conjunctivitis, rhinosinusitis, asthma, otitis media with effusion, and other atopic conditions, such as eczema and food allergies. Allergic rhinitis must be diagnosed and treated...
Original Articles
A survey of infant sleep positions associated with sudden infant death syndrome
Dong Jun Lee, So Ick Jang, Eun Jung Shim, Do Jun Cho, Dug Ha Kim, Ki Sik Min, Ki Yang Yoo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):602-609.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : As the prone position is thought to be an important factor in sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS), this study was conducted to contribute to reducing SIDS by analyzing sleeping positions of infants. Methods : A face-to-face questionnaire was carried out with a total of 170 parents with a baby aged less than 6 months. Results : A total of 170 infants...
The timing of sexual maturation and secular trends of menarchial age in Korean adolescents
Mi Jung Park, In-Sook Lee, Eun-Kyung Shin, Hyojee Joung, Sung-Il Cho
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):610-616.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : The purpose of this study was to evaluate the timing of sexual maturation and secular trends of menarchial age in Korean adolescents. Methods : Nine hundred eighty two school students and 119 university female students were included. Tanner's pubertal assessment method was applied using a self-assessment sheet with pictures for their developmental stages. A medical checkup database...
Serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein levels in obese middle school boys
Jae-Ho Jeong, Jae-Woo Lim, Eun-Jeong Cheon, Kyong-Og Ko, Young-Hyuk Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):617-622.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : High-Sensitivity C-reactive protein(hs-CRP) has been recognized as a very useful and sensitive predictor of the future risk of myocardial infarction. But the clinical significance of hs-CRP in children remains uncertain. To confirm the existence of obesity-induced vascular inflammation and the association between metabolic syndromes and elevation of CRP in children, we investigated the relationship among CRP, obesity, blood...
Analysis of causative microorganisms and choice of antibiotics according to the onset of neonatal sepsis
June Seung Sung, Dong Yeon Kim, Sun Hee Kim, Hyung Suk Byun, Tai Ju Hwang, Young Youn Choi
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):623-629.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : The mortality rate of neonatal sepsis has been decreased, however, the incidence has not significantly decreased because of increased invasive procedures. This study was designed to make guidelines for choosing antibiotics by analyzing the causative microorganisms and their antibiotics sensitivity test according to the onset of neonatal sepsis. Methods : One hundred seven cases of culture proven sepsis...
A study of the current(2003-2005) prevalence of anti-HBs and immunologic memory of hepatitis B vaccine in children from the central area of Korea
Young Won An, Eun Hee Chung, Insoo Rheem
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):630-634.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : This study was conducted to assess the current(2003-2005) prevalence of anti-HBs and immunologic memory for Hepatitis B vaccine in children from the central area of Korea. Methods : Subjects were chosen from children and adolescents who received tests for hepatitis B surface antigen(HBsAg) and anti-HBs at Dankook University Hospital from March 2003 to May 2005. Among these, antibodies to...
Early and mid-term results of pulmonary valve reconstruction in surgical repair of tetralogy of Fallot; comparison with other techniques of right ventricular outflow reconstruction
Sheng Wen Wang, Young Seok Lee, Si Ho Kim, Tae Hong Kim, Ji Eun Ban, Hyoung Doo Lee, Yun Hee Chang, Si Chan Sung
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):635-642.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : The purpose of this study is to determine whether the new pulmonary valve reconstruction technique prevents short-term postoperative pulmonary regurgitation and improves early and mid-term clinical outcome. Methods : We reviewed postoperative echocardiographic variables and chest X-ray films from 31 patients who had undergone valve reconstruction(pulmonary valve reconstruction group : PVR) for the repair of TOF between April 2000...
Correlation of inhalant MAST on chronically coughing children
Jung Min Yun, Eui Jung Roh, Jae Woo Lim, Eun Jung Choen, Kyoung Og Ko, Young Hyuk Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):643-647.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : Recently, incidences of chronic cough with allergic disease have been increased. The identification of specific allergens for chronically coughing children is significant for diagnosis, proper treatment and prevention. The aim of this study was to identify significant contributors for sensitization in chronically coughing children. Methods : A total of 106 children, aged 1-6 years, visiting for chronic cough(>3 weeks),...
Necessity of 99mTc-dimercaptosuccinic acid scan in infants with low grade vesicoureteral feflux
Ji Yeon Koh, Ja Wook Koo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):648-652.   Published online June 15, 2006
Objective : 99mTc-dimercaptosuccinic acid(DMSA) scan is considered to be the most sensitive examination for detection of renal scars. However, because of its high radiation exposure to the kidney and its limited usefulness for patients with low grade vesicoureteral reflux(VUR), some authors have suggested that DMSA scans should be reserved primarily for children with VUR grade 3 and above. The aim...
Voiding cystourethrography in children with an initial episode of febrile urinary tract infection
Hae Jeong Lee, Won Deok Lee, Hyun Seok Kim, Tae Hong Kim, Joo Seok Lee, Kyung Lae Cho
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):653-658.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : Because voiding cystourethrography(VCUG) is an invasive method, we studied whether VCUG could be postponed through evaluation of alternative non-invasive tests including renal ultrasonography and 99mTc-DMSA renal scan. Methods : We reviewed the medical records of 175 patients initially diagnosed with febrile urinary tract infection during the one year period of 1999, and compared 3-tests : renal ultrasongraphy, 99mTc-DMSA renal...
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of status epilepticus as an initial seizure in children
Mi Jeong Kim, Young Ok Kim, Sun Hee Kim, Woo Yeon Choi, Hyung Suk Byun, Chan Jong Kim, Young Jong Woo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):659-664.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : To evaluate the morbidity and mortality of children with status epilepticus(SE) as an initial seizure and to compare these according to age groups. Methods : The 78 cases(38 cases <2 years and 38 cases ≥2 years) with SE as an initial seizure admitted to the Chonnam national university hospital from Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2004 were reviewed. Developmental profiles,...
Effects of growth hormone treatment on glucose metabolism in idiopathic short stature
Seung Yeon Kwon, Duk-Hee Kim, Ho-Seong Kim
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):665-671.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : To study the effects of growth hormone(GH) treatment on glucose metabolism and insulin resistance in children with idiopathic short stature(ISS). Methods : Glucose and insulin concentrations were measured during oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) before and after GH treatment(0.6-0.7 IU/kg/week) in 20 patients with ISS. Insulin resistance was assessed by homeostasis model assessment(HOMA). Results : During OGTT, the mean...
Clinical significance of follow-up laboratory tests, performed at 6 weeks after the onset of Kawasaki disease
Il Ji Oh, Kyung Hee Moon, Myung Eun Hong, Yeon Soon Kim, Chang Woo Lee, Hyang Suk Yoon
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):672-676.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : Low dose aspirin is used due to its antiplatelet effect for the subacute phase of Kawasaki disease(KD). It is usually used for 6-8 weeks, then various hematologic laboratory tests and follow up echocardiography for evaluating coronary abnormalities are performed. Our review investigated the usefulness of various follow up laboratory tests performed at 6 weeks after the onset of...
Effect of maternal thyroxine treatment on the offspring's brain development with fetal alcohol effects in the rats
Jin Fu, Yoon Young Chung, Sang Kee Park
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):677-685.   Published online June 15, 2006
Purpose : This study aimed to investigate whether exogenous thyroxine(T4) treatment to alcohol-fed dams would ameliorate the detrimental effects of alcohol on the postnatal development of neuropeptide-Y(NPY)-containing neurons of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of the offspring. Methods : Time-pregnant rats were divided into three groups. An alcohol-fed group A received 35 calories of liquid alcohol diet daily from gestation day...
Umbilical venous line-related pleural and pericardial effusion causing cardiac tamponade in a premature neonate : A case report
Eun Jeong Hong, Kyung A Lee, Il-Heon Bae, Mi-Jung Kim, Heon-Seok Han
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):686-690.   Published online June 15, 2006
Cardiac tamponade with pleural and pericardial effusion is a rare but life-threatening complication of umbilical venous catheterization in the newborn. It requires a timely diagnosis and urgent treatment, such as pericardiocentesis, to save lives of affected patients. Recently, we experienced a 7 day-old, very low birth weight infant, who developed a cardiac tamponade with pleural and pericardial effusions complicated by...
Case Reports
A case of recurrent hepatoblastoma : lung, heart and brain metastasis
Sun Mi Park, Byung Kyu Choe, Yeo Hyang Kim, Heung Sik Kim, Tae Chan Kwon, Hee Jung Lee
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):691-695.   Published online June 15, 2006
Hepatoblastoma is a hepatic tumor predominantly occurring in children. The usual site of metastasis is the lung. There are only several reports worldwide on the distant metastasis of hepatoblastoma to the central nervous system in children. Only one reported case showed survival of a patient after multiple resections of a recurrent brain lesion. Involvement of the cardiovascular system has been...
A case of Tolosa-Hunt syndrome
Do Gyun Kim, Young Ok Kim, Young Jong Woo
Korean J Pediatr. 2006;49(6):696-699.   Published online June 15, 2006
소아에서 드물게 보고되는 토로사-헌트 증후군은 둔하면서 지속적인 안와 주위의 통증과 안구운동 장애 및 해면동 주위의 뇌신경 침범을 특징으로 하는 질환으로 비특이적 염증조직에 기인한 것으로 알려져 있다. 이는 자연 치유도 가능하나 대개 스테로이드가 증상의 회복에 효과적이며 신속한 호전을 유도한다. 토로사-헌트 증후군은 그 예후가 양호하다고 알려져 있으나 일부는 치료 후에 재발하기도 한다. 우리는 토로사-헌트 증후군으로 진단받고 스테로이드 치료 후 특별한 휴우증 없이...
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