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Anemia due to Prolonged Breast Feeding without Weaning Diet or Supplement Food

Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1993;36(4):528-536.
Published online April 15, 1993.
Anemia due to Prolonged Breast Feeding without Weaning Diet or Supplement Food
Kyung Hee Kim, Kun Rae Lee, Hyun Lee, Yoon Suck Suh, Baek Lin Eun
Department of Pediatrics, Lee & Rha Hospital, Chung Ju, Korea
이유식이나 보충식 공급없이 장기간 모유영양을 취한 빈혈아의 고찰
김경희, 이근래, 이현, 서윤석, 은백린
청주 리라병원 소아과
The paramount importance of breast feeding for the health of the infants has been recognized by nutritionists and physicians. Although many advantages of the breast feeding, exclusive breast feeding without weaning diet or supplement food during prolonged period in infants may produce iron deficiency anemia. This study was conducted to find out the hematologic state in exclusively prolonged breast-fed infants among these anemic patients and the way of thinking about their baby's feeding method in their mothers. Mothers of the anemic patients has been surveyed with questionare. The results and problems obtained from this study are summerized as follows. 1) Among 40 patients of this study, 27 were male(67.5%) and 13 were female(32.5%). Mean age was 12.6±2.7 month and 9&11 month of age were the most common, respectively(15.0%). 2) Mean age of mothers was 29.5 year. The 25-34 year-old group was the most common. 3) Education levels of mothers were primary 10%, middle 10%, high 60%, and college graduate 20%. 4) In motivatins of breast feeding, 'Persuasion of husband or the parent of husband' 19(47.5%), 'Convenience for use' 12 (30.0%), and 'Through mass media or public information' 9(22.5%). 5) In the causes of prolonged breast feeding, 'Think that satisfactory nutrition for baby is possible with breast milk alone' 4(10.0%), 'Due to persuasion of husband or the parents of husband' 11(27.5%), 'Baby did not suck milk bottle or eat other diet except breast milk' 25(62.5%). 6) In whether or not acknowledgment of the necessity of weaning diet, 'Know it but not consider so important 22(55.0%), 'Do not know at all) 15(37.5%), and 'Breast milk, that will do' 3(7.5%). 7) Hb level in patient group, from 6 to 6.9 g/dl was 2(5.0%), from 7 to 7.9 g/dl was 3(7.5%), from 8 to 8.9 g/dl was 15(37.5%), and from 9 to 10 g/dl was 20(50.0%). From 9 to 10 g/dl was the most common. Hematologic findings were Hb 8.8±0.9 g/dl, Hct 28.8±3.0%%, MCV 64.7±6.7fl, MCH 20.0±2.5pg, MCHC 30.8±1.5 g/dl, Platelet 452.5±142.9×103/mm3, Reticulocyte count 1.4±0.6%,Fe 28.6±14.1㎍/dl. TIBC 446.7±66.2 dl, Ferritin 10.5±7.0ng/ml, Transferrin saturation 6.6±3.5%. 8) In association with duration of breast milk feeding and hematologic findings, as duration was prologed, Hb, Hct, MCV & MCH were significantly decreased (p<0.01).
Key Words: Anemia, Breast milk Feeding

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