Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1978;21(1):35-40.
Published online January 31, 1978.
Clinical Observation of Tumors in Children: A second reports of 402 cases.
Hyung Kii Ko, Young Ki Jang, Don Hee Ahn, Keun Chan Sohn
Department of Pediatrics, National Medical Center, Seoul, Korea.
小兒 腫癌의 臨床的 觀察
高炯基, 張榮起, 安敦姬, 孫權贊
國立醫療院 小兒科
A total of 402 cases of tumors in children under 15 years of age diagnosed at NMC. During a period of 10 years from Jan. 1996 to Dec. 1975 were analysed clinically and the following results were obtained. 1) 402 tumors were divided into 185 malignant, 72 bign and 25 unclassified tumors. 2) The age distribution showed more higher frequency in the age group of 0~5 than each age group of 6~10 or 11~15 but not significantly. 3) The sex ratio between male and female was same in begin but male preponderanc in malignant tumors. Age group did not affect the sex ratio. 4) Among 402 tumors, leukemia was the commonest neoplasm showing 21% with 84 cases, and somatic soft tissue(57 cases), larynx and lung (36 cases), genitourinary system (35 cases) and skin (29 cases) in given order of frequency. 5) Among 192 begin tumors, the tumors of somatic soft tissue was the commonest(49 cases), and larynx and lung(36 cases), skin(28 cases), G-I tract(15 cases) in gven order of frequency. 6) Among 185 malignant tumors, leukemia was the commonest(45.4 %) and CNS(15.1%), GU system(8.1%) and malignant lymphoma(7.5%) in given order of frequency.

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