Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1982;25(2):148-152.
Published online February 28, 1982.
Serum Levels of Protein, Urea Nitrogen, Uric Acid, Creatinine and Serum Amylase Activity in Normal School Children.
Suck Pill Cho, Byung Wha Park, Hyung Suk Byun, Kyung Reyong Huh, Chull Sohn
Department of Pediatrics, Chonnam University Medical School, Korea.
學童期 兒童의 血淸番白,尿素窒素,Amylase 活性,크레아티닌 및 尿酸의 正常値
害領弼, 朴病和, 邊例錯, 許敬龍, 孫 激
Protein, and essential nutrient for the growth of children, is the chief nitrogenous substant in the serum of humans. For the purpose of establishment of the normal data for evaluation of nitrogen balance, we examined the serum levels of urea nitrogen, creatinine, uric acid and serum amylase activity as well as that of protein in 560 normal school children. The results are as follows; 1. The serum level of protein is 6.1+/-0.75mg%, albumin; 3.9+/-0.57gm%, globulin ; 2.2 +/- 0.77gm%, urea nitrogen ; 14+/-3.8mg%, creatinine; 0.5+/-0.20mg%, uric acid; 3.9+/-0.91mg%, and the serum amylase activity is 127+/-41.4% units/dl. And the reference rnage of the above data is 4.6~7.6gm%, 3.3~4.4mg%, 1.5~3.0gm%, 7~22 mg%, 0.3~0.7mg%, 2.1~5.7mg% and 45~210 units/dl, respectively. 2. There is evidence of age relationship in the serum level of urea nitrogen which tends to increase with age. 3. We observed sex differences in the serum levels of total protein and albumin examined and those of urea nitrogen and creatinine examined, female was predominant in the former and male in the latter.
Key Words: Protein, BUN, Uric, acid, Creatinine, Amylase

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