Journal of the Korean Pediatric Society 1976;19(10):713-716.
Published online October 31, 1976.
A Case of Pierre Robin Syndrome
Sung Chui Son, Ik Jun Lee, Hoe Kun Moon
Department of Pediatrcis, Catholic Medical College,Seoul, Korea
Pierre Robin 증후군 1예
손성철, 이익준, 문효군
가톨릭의대 소아과학교실
The author’s have presented a case of Pierre Robin’s syndrome in a 40 days old Korea female infant, whose birth weight was 3.5 kg by spontaneous vacummed delivery, and gestation, period was 42 weeks. Since 2 days after birth, dyspnea & feeding difficulty were developed following frequent attack of chocking spell. There was non specific maternal and family history. Physical examinations revealed the micrognathia, glossoptossis and cleft palate. Chromosomal analysis of this patient was normal pattern. The literature was reviewed briefly.

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