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Case Report
Isolated 3-Methylcrotonyl CoA Carboxylase Deficiency Detected by Newborn Screening Program Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Ju Young Kwak, Jun Young Park, Kyung A Nam, Sang Hi Son, Son Sang Seo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2005;48(5):561-564.   Published online May 15, 2005
Isolated deficiency of 3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase is a rare disorder of the catabolic pathway for leucine and many patients have mild symptoms or no symptom. However, the introduction of tandem mass spectrometry in newborn screening has revealed an unexpectedly high incidence of this disorder. We report an asymptomatic premature infant with isolated 3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase deficiency detected by newborn screening...
A Case of Bronchogenic Cyst with Nausea and Epigastric Pain
Ji-Hyun Kim, Kang-Won Rhee, In-Seok Lim, Byung-Hoon Yoo, Eung-Sang Choi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2005;48(3):333-336.   Published online March 15, 2005
Bronchogenic cysts are rare congenital anomalies that arise early in gestation from abnormal budding of the developing respiratory system. Mediastinal bronchogenic cysts account for 10-15 percent of all primary mediastinal masses; 63.7 percent of patients are symptomatic. Common symptoms are fever, chest pain, cough, dyspnea, and dysphagia. Gastrointestinal symptoms except dysphagia are rare. It can be life threatening with compression,...
Original Article
Correlation of Body Mass Index, Body Fat Distribution, Aminotranferases and Computed Tomography in Obese Children with Fatty Liver
So Eun Park, Hye Ran Yang, Ju Young Chang, Jae Sung Ko, Jeong Kee Seo, Whal Lee, Woo Sun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2005;48(3):276-283.   Published online March 15, 2005
Purpose : Visceral fat accumulation plays a major role in metabolic complications of obesity. It is known that nonalcoholic fatty liver in obese adults is associated with visceral fat accumulation. Body mass index(BMI) is used as the index of obesity in children. The aim of this study is to evaluate the correlation of BMI and visceral adipose tissue(VAT), and the...
Case Report
A Case of Nonspecific Ulcer of the Terminal Ileum Associated with Massive Bleeding
Ju Young Chung, Seong Jun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(12):1344-1346.   Published online December 15, 2004
Nonspecific ulcer of the small bowel is rare in children. Nonspecific ulcer of the colon or small bowel is clinically and pathologically recognized as a disease related to intestinal Behcet's disease. Differentiation of nonspecific ulcers from Behcet's ulcer by pathologic findings is often impossible and the clinical course is similar. A 13-year-old boy was admitted due to massive lower gastrointestinal...
Medical Lecture Course
Role of Mast Cells in Allergic Inflammation and Innate Immunity
Kangmo Ahn
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(11):1137-1141.   Published online November 15, 2004
Mast cells play a key role in elicitation of the early-phase and late-phase IgE-mediated allergic inflammatory reactions. Mast cells are derived from pluripotent stem cells from the bone marrow. These cells migrate through circulation into connective tissues and mucosal surfaces where they mature. On the cell surfaces, mast cells have high affinity IgE receptor(FcεRI), which react with specific IgE to...
Original Article
Correlation between Percentage of Body Fat by BIA and Other Obesity Indices
Su Jin Kim, Su Yung Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(5):491-495.   Published online May 15, 2004
Purpose : Obesity is becoming a serious health problem in schoolage children and adolescents. There are several parameters to estimate obesity such as body mass index(BMI), skinfold thickness, obesity index and weight for height. Each parameter has some advantages and disadvantages. Bioelectrical impedance analysis(BIA) seems to be a simple, reproducible, objective and cost effective method for fat evaluation. But there...
Correlation of Measurements for Body Fat in Obese Children
Jong Hoon Kim, In Seok Lim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(5):485-490.   Published online May 15, 2004
Purpose : Measurement of body fat in obese children is useful not only in evaluating health hazard but also in establishing standards of treatment and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment. In the field of clinical and laboratory study, there are various methods with different reliability, propriety, convenience, and expenses. However, the practical value of these studies is limited in Korea,...
Clinical Characteristics and Epidemiologic Study of Infection Due to Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase Producing Organism in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Nu-Lee Jun, Jae-Woo Im, Hyun-Kyung Park, Mi-Na Kim, Ellen Ai-Rhan Kim, Ki-Soo Kim, Soo-Young Pi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(4):373-379.   Published online April 15, 2004
Purpose : The extended-spectrum β-lactamase(ESBL) producing organism have emerged to be an important pathogen in neonatal intensive care unit(NICU). This study was conducted to investigate incidence, characteristics and risk factors associated with ESBL organism among newborns in NICU. Methods : The subjects included 98 newborns admitted to NICU at Asan Medical Center between September 1998 to July 2002, from whom...
Trend of Obesity in School Age Children in Seoul Over the Past 23 Years
Young Shin Park, Dong Hwan Lee, Joong-Myung Choi, Yun Ju Kang, Chong Hee Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(3):247-257.   Published online March 15, 2004
Purpose : The aim of this study was to evaluate the change in prevalence and the epidemiology of obesity in school age children of Seoul, Korea during the last 23 years with coherency and under the same standards. Methods : We used the new 1998 standard weight for height to calculate obesity on the personal data from five years and produced...
Risk Factors of Urinary Tract Infections Due to Extended-spectrum β-lactamase Producing Escherichia coli in Children
Nam Hee Kim, Jin A Lee, Yun Kyung Kim, Eun Hwa Choi, Il Soo Ha, Hoan Jong Lee, Yong Choi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2004;47(2):164-169.   Published online February 15, 2004
Purpose : This study was performed to identify risk factors for urinary tract infection(UTI) by extended-spectrum β-lactamase(ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli in children. Methods : We analyzed 125 episodes of UTI which were developed in 112 children at the Seoul National University Children's Hospital from July to December 2002. Medical records of 74 episodes of UTI caused by E. coli were reviewed in...
Comparison of the Characteristics of 16 Commercial Nebulizer/Compressor Combinations Used in Korea
Hyun Jung Kim, Cho Ae Lee, Eun Kyung Hwang, Man Young Han, Uk Sung Ann, Young Min Cho
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2003;46(12):1235-1241.   Published online December 15, 2003
Purpose : We assessed the dynamic characteristics of 16 nebulizer/compressor combinations currently available in Korea. Methods : The 16 nebulizer/compressor combinations(Pariboy Type 38/Long life, Pariboy Type N/ Long life, Pariboy Type N/Salter 8900, Pariboy Type N/LC, Devilbiss pulmoaid-LT/Hudson, Devilbiss pulmoaid/Hudson, Mesmed neb-300/Own, San-up 3040/Hudson, Midas(Basic)/Own, AirJolie 2/ Hudson, Thomas 1127/Salter 8900, Noel NE-2000/Salter 8900, Omron CX3/Hudson, Chang Woo CWN-100/Salter 8900, Voyage/Mefar,...
A Study of the Relationship between Childhood Obesity and Beverage Intake
Ji Hyun Oh, In Keun Kwak, Seung Yang, Il Tae Hwang, Ji Ah Jung, Hae Ran Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2003;46(11):1061-1066.   Published online November 15, 2003
Purpose : The rising prevalence of childhood obesity may be due to an energy imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure. Recently, consumption of beverages in children has increased. The aim of this study is to provide useful information for the prevention and the control of childhood obesity by assessment of variable beverage consumption. Methods : Fight hundred seventy seven children(M...
Correlation between Body Fat Percent Estimated by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Other Variable Methods
Hye Won Yom, Su Jung Kim, Il Tae Whang, Young Mi Hong
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2003;46(8):751-757.   Published online August 15, 2003
Purpose : Obesity is a significant health problem with medical and psychological consequences for children and adolescents. The purpose of this study was to assess the correlation between body fat percent using bioelectrical impedance(BI) and other variable methods. Methods : We measured height, weight, body mass index(BMI) and body fat percent by skinfold thickness(ST) and BI in 1,035(496 male; 539 female)...
Effective Screening Test for Obesity in Obese Adolescents and the Correlation Among Obesity Index, Body Mass Index and Serum Lipid Profile
Tae Jung Sung, Dal Hyun Kim, Young Jin Hong, Byong Kwan Son, Kyung Ja Chang, Jun Young Park, Soon Ki Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2003;46(3):217-223.   Published online March 15, 2003
Purpose : Every year, there is a remarkable increase in the prevalence of children with excess body fat. The aim of this study is to find a useful screening method in assessing adolescent, obesity and to specify the predictable risk factors that are related to adult cardiovascular disease according to BMI and obesity index. Methods : From July to November in...
Changes of Body Weight and Lipid Profiles According to Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism in Children with Antiepileptics
Seung Hee Jang, Eun Kyoung Choi, So Hee Eun, Sun Jun Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2002;45(1):88-94.   Published online January 15, 2002
Purpose : Weight changes, especially weight gain, is a side effect of antiepileptics(especially valproate and carbamazepine). This may be sufficiently severe to cause noncompliance or to require the withdrawal of effective treatment. Unfortunately, the exact mechanism of weight change is not illustrated. Several reports and our experiment suggested that weight gain highly correlated with a familial tendency of obesity. The genetic makeup is a...
The Effect of Massage on Premature Infants
Hee Sook Son, Jae Woo Lim, Kyuchul Choeh, Chang Soo Ra, Hark Hee Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 2000;43(8):1046-1051.   Published online August 15, 2000
Purpose : To determine the effects of massage therapy on growth, development, hormones, immune function, hepatic function, hematopoietic function and sleep pattern of preterm infants. Methods : Thirty-one preterm infants of less than 35 weeks gestational age, who were admitted to Eulji Medical College Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit between August 1998 and May 1999, and were in the state without mechanical ventilation or...
Serum Leptin Concentrations in Extremely Obese Childen
Yon Ho Choe, In Young Hyun
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1999;42(8):1136-1140.   Published online August 15, 1999
Purpose : The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is a difference in leptin concentrations between those of children of normal weight and extremely obese children. Methods : We measured serum concentrations of leptin in 70 extremely obese subjects(7 to 12 years, 20 girls and 50 boys), whose serums had been frozen at -70℃. Height, weight, obesity index,...
The Percentiles of Body Mass Index and Trend of Obesity in Schoolage Children in Seoul
Min Ji Kim, Jin Seop Kang, Jae Wook Go, Young Jin Hong, Don Hee Ahn, Do Myung Paek, Yun Joo Kang, Sung Jae Suh
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1999;42(6):756-764.   Published online June 15, 1999
Purpose : Many authors have reported that obesity is a serious health problem in schoolage children and adolescents and recently obese children are increasing. Accurate diagnosis is needed to estimate the prevalence rate and trend of obesity. We studied body mass index(BMI) percentile for age and sex as a reliable and valid screening for adiposity. Methods : We measured...
The Usefulness of Serum Total IgE Test by Multiple Allergosorbent Test-Chemiluminescent Assay(MAST-CLA) : Comparison with Paper Radioimmunosorbent Test(PRIST)
Hyun Chul Lee, Chang Keun Kim, Churl Young Chung
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1999;42(3):397-402.   Published online March 15, 1999
Purpose : Multiple allergosorbent test-chemiluminescent assay(MAST-CLA) is a semiquantitative method for detecting total IgE and specific IgE in serum. The purposes of this study are to investigate the correlation between MAST-CLA and Paper radioimmunosorbent test(PRIST), and to find out whether MAST-CLA can replace PRIST in measuring of serum total IgE. Methods : Data of 162 subjects were analyzed by linear...
Case Report
A Case of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis During Childhood
Kyoung Ah Ha, Chang Keun Kim, Churl Young Chung, Jung Sook Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1999;42(2):284-288.   Published online February 15, 1999
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis(ABPA) is an inflammatory disease which causes a hypersensitivity to Aspergillus spores growing in the bronchi. The clinical syndrome is characterized by asthma, recurrent pulmonary infiltrations or mucoid impaction, eosinophilia, and central bronchiectasis. A 12-year-old boy was admitted to our hospital because of right lower chest pain and cystic mass-like shadows on a chest X-ray film. He had...
Original Article
Serum Leptin Concentrations in Korean Children
Yon Ho Choe, Soon Ki Kim, Young Hyun
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1998;41(7):960-965.   Published online July 15, 1998
Purpose : Leptin is the product of the ob gene secreted by adipocyte. This study investigated whether leptin concentrations were elevated in obese children and the relationship between leptin concentrations and gender, and age in Korean children. Methods : We measured serum concentrations of leptin in 124 subjects(10 to 18 years, 62 girls and 62 boys). Height, weight, obesity index, and...
The Efficacy of Fetal Ultrasonography and Postnatal Abdominal Ultrasonography for the Diagnosis of Neonatal Abdominal Mass
Hee Eun Lee, Ee Kyung Kim, Hee Seok Kim, Yun Kyoung Lee, Chan Hwu Park, Kyung Ran Park, June Dong Park, Beyong Il Kim, Woong Heum Kim, Jung Hwan Choi, Gui Won Park, Hwang Choi, Yong Choi, Chong Ku Yun
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1998;41(3):299-306.   Published online March 15, 1998
Purpose : Most neonatal abdominal masses are benign in nature, but early detection and management is important to avoid the development of complications. So, we studied the causes of neonatal abdominal masses and the efficacy of ultrasonography for early detection and diagnosis. Methods : We reviewed 36 newborn infants with abdominal masses who had been admitted to the nursery and Neonatal...
Etiological Analysis of Gynecomastia in Children
Jai Keun Kim, Ki Keun Oh, Choon Sik Yoon, Jae Hyun Park
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1998;41(2):224-229.   Published online February 15, 1998
Purpose : The purpose of this study is to analyze the etiology of gynecomastia confirmed by breast operation among children under the age of 15 exhibiting clinical symptoms. Methods : Twenty patients under the age of 15 were diagnosed as having gynecomastia in the past 10 years. The number of pathologically confirmed gynecomastia patients was 15. The causes or related...
Left Ventricular Mass Estimated by Three Methods of Echocardiography in Normal Children
Yae Jean Kim, Soo Ja Hwang, Dong Hee Shin, Young Mi Hong
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1998;41(2):192-199.   Published online February 15, 1998
Purpose : Left ventricular hypertrophy is an important diagnostic and prognostic finding in children with various cardiovascular diseases. Echocardiographic determination of the left ventricular mass is the most accurate method for assessing left ventricular hypertrophy non-invasively. The purposes of this study are 1) to establish a reproducible, validated method for determining left ventricular mass in children by echocardiography, 2) to...
Analysis of Urinary Mass Screening for Elemantary, Junior and High School Children Over a 8-year Period in Seoul
Chong Guk Lee, Dong Whan Lee, Sae Won Yang, Sung Ho Cha, Chang Ho Hong, Yong Mook Choi, Hyun Soon Lee, Sung Jae Seo
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(10):1347-1359.   Published online October 15, 1997
Purpose : The urinary mass screening program for the detection of proteinuria had been performed for a school age population in the city of Seoul since 1981. However, systematic evaluation for this program had never been done. We, therefore, designed a systematic evaluation in corporation with the Seoul School Health Center for students with proteinuria identified in the mass screening to determine the prevalence...
Case Report
Departments of Neurosurgery, Gyeongsang National University, College of Medicine, Chinju, Korea
Jae Young Lim, Young Kyu Park, Eun Sang Kim, Dong Wook Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(4):555-558.   Published online April 15, 1997
Spinal-cord astrocytomas are rare, comprising only 1% of all primary central nervous system tumors. Malignant astrocytomas grade III and IV account for only 7.5% of intramedullary spinal gliomas occurring in all age groups and for as few as 1.2% of primary intramedullary tumors in children. The frequency of primary intramedullary with intracranial metastasis is relatively rare in childhood and such...
A Case of Neurofibromatosis with Multiple Neurofibromas on Mesentery
Pil Geung Hwang, Sun Young Park, Tae Gyu Whang, Soon Yong Lee
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1997;40(2):270-273.   Published online February 15, 1997
Neurofibromatos is originally described by von-Recklinhausen in 1882, is often depicted as a chronic progressive hereditary disease characterized by pigmentation of the skin, cutaneus lesions, and numerous tumors developing in association with elements of both the central and peripheral nervous tissue. Mesenteric involvements in neurofibromatosis are very rare in childrens. We experienced a case of neurofibromatosis with multiple neurofibromas on mesentery in...
Original Article
Clinical Investigation of Neck Masses in Children
Sung Chul Byun, Dong Soo Kim
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(10):1429-1442.   Published online October 15, 1996
Purpose : Neck masses are frequently encountered in pediatric practice, and have various underlying diseases. If the underlying diseases of the neck mass are not confirmed by its clinical characteristics, it can be done by neck mass biopsy. To define the necessity and the appropriate time of neck mass biopsy is very difficult and also important. Therefore the authers have conducted this study to...
Availability of IgE MAST for Diagnosis of Asthmatic Children
Gwi Sook Kim, Hyung Jo Jung, Soo Kyung Lee, In Kyung Kim, Ho Sung, Chang Hee Choi
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(8):1130-1138.   Published online August 15, 1996
Purpose : The Skin prick test is simple and cheap in diagnosis of allergic diseases. So the skin prick test has been widely used as the initial diagnostic method of IgE-mediated allergic diseases with the merit of fast detection of causative allergens. But the skin test has some difficulties in application for the infants and young children. IgE MAST(multiple antigen simultaneous test) and IgE...
Genital Mycoplasmasin the Newborn Infants: Colonization, Prevalence and Clinical Significance
Yun Sil Chang, Sung Gwon Kim, Beyong Il Kim, Won Soon Park, Bo Hyun Yoon, Eui Chong Kim, Jung-Hwan Choi, Chong Ku Yun
Clin Exp Pediatr. 1996;39(8):1084-1094.   Published online August 15, 1996
Purpose : The genital mycoplasmas: Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis have recently assumed an increasing importance as neonatal pathogens especially in preterm infants. The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of infections with these organisms in newborn infants who were admitted in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) and who were suspected having infection in newborn nursery Methods : Sixty four inborns who...
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